Feedback on our work
Each of our clients gives us the opportunity to develop,
therefore, there are no customers with identical tasks.
Feedback on our work
Each of our clients gives us the opportunity to develop, therefore, there are no customers with identical tasks.
"Thanks to non-standard approaches to each case and attention to the smallest details, it was possible to dispute unfounded claims on the part of state bodies in an arbitration court"

- Osovski K.D., General Director of ASTON Starch Products LLC
Food chemical industry

As a result of the well-coordinated work of Zharov Group's lawyers and the company's employees, it was possible to collect convincing evidence that the claims of the state body were unfounded.
Under the weight of the expert opinions, studies, acts and explanations presented, the court was forced to refuse the claim in full, referring to the procedural grounds "

- Kakurin S.V., Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs of OJSC "Terneyles"
Wood processing industry

"After the bankruptcy of the insurance company, we lost hope of any compensation for the loss of our crop. However, despite the negative court practice and thanks to your hard work, we came to the result - the compensation payment was paid in full."

- LLC "Agrofirma Dvoryanskaya"
Agricultural enterprise

"The originality and many actions of your team in the case of collecting payments for the negative impact on the environment led us to a favorable result!"

- Dorogov A.I., General Director of TSGM LLC (managing company JSC Trevozhnoe Zarevo)
Gold mining industry

"The highest professionalism, deep knowledge, ability to provide legal assistance in a qualified and prompt manner on any legal issues helped our company to recognize the demands of the state body as illegal and unreasonable"

- Myakshin V.N., Deputy General Director for Legal Issues and Property Management, PJSC Avtodizel
Mechanical engineering, automotive industry

"Because of the actions of government agencies, I lost my business, but our joint work gave me hope that justice is possible. Each enterprise is the fate and the people you protect. Thank you for not losing faith and instilling it in us!"

- Kulagina N.G., Director of Zircon LLC
Waste sorting plant
"The lawyers who are now part of the Zharov Group have been working for several years on complex projects of PJSC Ulyanovskenergo to recover bad debts. The effective teamwork of lawyers and our lawyers has made it possible to achieve positive dynamics in debt collection in favor of our company.
We did the right thing in that we turned to lawyers who were professionally approaching the case. Thanks guys! I recommend it, especially where a well-coordinated team approach is required. "

-Geyko M.V., General Director of PJSC "Ulyanovskenergo" (2014-2017)
Power engineering
"It is very important that lawyers were able to become part of a single team with the legal service of the plant in dealing with specific cases. This is a great professional experience and confidence that everything will work out. This is exactly what happened!
We are grateful to the Zharov Group team for efficient work and legal assistance to our plant. "

-Izosimov V.V. Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs of JSC "Ulyanovsk Cartridge Plant"
Military industry

"Thanks to Evgeny Zharov and his team for their professionalism and perseverance, decency and an innate sense of justice!"

- Papin S.B., General Director of LLC Management Company "Alternative"
Housing and communal industry

"The lawyers of Zharov Group represented my interests in two administrative cases. The state body brought me to administrative responsibility for the periods when I was the CEO in a limited liability company, with the aim of further imposing subsidiary liability on me for obligations to the state. Both cases are lawyers. won, for which we are grateful to them. All claims have been dropped. "

- Karimov A.R., entrepreneur, owner of TD LLC
Trade in car parts

"Your introduction" 40 legal opinions on topical issues of ecology and nature management "became a reference book for us and helped in resolving issues of environmental safety of the enterprise"

- LLC "Plant TECHNO"
Building materials production

"The company's specialists are easily guided by the latest changes in environmental legislation, and their explanations on controversial issues are always relevant and comprehensive. After posting your articles, we receive positive feedback from our readers."

- LLC "Professional Publishing House"

"Thank you for always answering the questions. The answers contain the necessary and reliable information. Everything is prompt, and most importantly, applicable in the work."

- LLC "AktivInvest"