Our projects
Our experts have years of experience in challenging acts and claims
of government bodies in the field of environmental pretection
Our projects
Our experts have years of experience in challenging acts and claims of government bodies in the field of environmental pretection
Damage to the water body
Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage filed a claim for recovery of damage to the enterprise of the GAZ group, caused to the water body in the amount of 88 million rubles.
Case number A82-6142 / 2016, potential damage in excess of 1.1 billion rubles.
The case on recovery of damage to a water body was won. The amount of disputed claims was 88 million rubles. submitted for 1 month. Claims in excess of 1 billion rubles are prevented. According to the results of the analysis of the sampling reports and their analyzes, gross violations of the established sampling methods (sampling site, sampling site), as well as methods for calculating the amount of damage caused to water bodies as a result of violations of water legislation (no background indicators, wastewater samples, etc.)
Harm caused by fish deaths
The city-forming enterprise of food chemistry of the Russian-American property is brought simultaneously to criminal, administrative, civil liability for the loss of aquatic biological resources and damage to a water body
Case No.A54-1792 / 2017, No.A54-2442 / 2017
Residents of the village found the death of fish in the pond. The reason, as it turned out later, was a liquid that fell into a reservoir from a pipe of unknown origin. Employees of the company immediately reported this to Rosprirodnadzor. In order to avoid harmful consequences for the ecosystem, the organization independently eliminated the leak, so that discharges do not spread further.

Later we found that the old pipes of the 50s, belonging to the enterprise during the USSR, were deformed in the ground. We engaged independent experts and carefully analyzed the evidence base. Correctly formulated inquiries and answers received, during two forensic examinations, allowed to get to the bottom of the truth and establish that the enterprise's fault was completely absent. The revealed violations during the proceedings of an administrative offense case allowed further to refer to the rule on invalidity of evidence obtained in violation of the Federal Law.

As a result, all claims were withdrawn. The amount of the disputed claims and the criminal charges dropped indicate a high effect for the enterprise. You can learn more about the cases A54-1792 / 2017 and A54-2442 / 2017. For the first time in the history of such cases, Rosprirodnadzor acted on the side of the enterprise in the appeal instance.
Soil damage
A government body sued the global leader of the timber industry for the production and processing of wood in the far east of JSC Terneyles (a Russian-Japanese company) in the amount of 646 million rubles.
Case number A51-26672 / 2018
It was possible to prove that the inappropriate claimant appealed. It is established that there is no damage to the soil as a result of unauthorized disposal of production and consumption waste at two sites (with an area of over 5.0 hectares), and there is no need to bring the sites in compliance with the requirements of environmental and land legislation of the Russian Federation, due to the fact that stored waste is beneficial to the formation of soil for the reproduction of the forest fund. Independent examinations were carried out on the case and a scientific expedition was organized.

More information can be found at the number of the case number A51-26672 / 2018.
Storm run-offs
The company receives and transports wastewater into its sewer and further into the water body.
In the absence of the concluded agreement with the city administration, the client went to court with a claim to recover the amount of money for using the collector.

The calculation of the claim is based on the method of accounting for the capacity of sewer networks using the method of accounting for the capacity of sewer networks.

However, the city administration believes that in this case the methodology for calculating the volume of received (diverted) surface wastewater is used, due to the fact that urban wastewater is classified as surface wastewater, which significantly reduces the amount of the stated requirements.
Environmental negative impacts fee
Saved about 2 billion rubles
Legal positions were prepared on the application on the issue of charging for the negative environmental impact of LLC VostsibUgol; PJSC "Uralkali", LLC "TSGM", as a result of which enterprises saved about 2 billion rubles.
Fire in stock
Restoration of the right of city residents to a favorable environment and recovery of damages for the repair of apartment buildings, in connection with a fire in ammunition depots
Cases No.A72-2751 / 2012, A72-3019 / 2012, A72-11183 / 2012, A72-1498 / 2010
Due to a violation of safety regulations at explosive objects, a fire has occurred. As a result of fire there was a powerful explosion of the building. The fire was recognized as an emergency.

As a result of the conducted technical, construction, comprehensive examinations, the conducted procedural actions, it was possible to create an unprecedented practice of collecting damages in favor of the residents of the city in the part of the affected general house property of apartment buildings for over 55 million rubles.
Network losses in power supply
Recovery of 1 billion ruble payments for illegal use of resources in favor of the guaranteed supplier of energy resources of PJSC "Ulyanovskenergo"
Case number A72-15459/2016
The company instructed our bureau to realize the right to file a claim for payments for energy resources, acquired as a result of a concession for the debts of 20 years ago.

It was possible to prove that the term of payment for the supplied heat energy was not established by the contract of January 31, 1991. In accordance with Art. 544 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which is in force during the period of arrears, energy is paid for the amount of energy actually received by the subscriber in accordance with energy accounting data, unless otherwise provided by law, other legal acts or agreement of the parties. The procedure for payments for energy is determined by law, other legal acts or agreement of the parties. In accordance with Art. 486 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the buyer is obliged to pay for the goods immediately before or after the goods are transferred to him by the seller, unless otherwise provided by this Code, another law, other legal acts or a contract of sale and does not follow from the merits. In this case, it was possible to substantiate the abuse of the right to use the resources under the 1991 contract and recover the amount of debt with a period of over 20 years.

You can get more detail on case number A72-15459 / 2016.