Zharov Group attended the VIII Legal Forum for Practitioners
29 OCTOBER/ 2019
On October 10, 2019, the Zharov Group team attended the VIII Legal Forum for Practitioners, an annual legal event held at the State Kremlin Palace for the first time.
The main task of the forum is to increase the legal literacy of lawyers of Russian companies in order to reduce the number of disputes in courts and reduce the burden on the judicial system.
The event is being held for the eighth time. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, large companies and another 6,000 lawyers from all over the country participate in it annually.
Traditionally, the theme of the legal forum is "The main legal events of the year".

Evgeny Zharov, Managing Partner of ZHAROV GROUP, shared his impressions of the forum:
"A great event, thousands of lawyers from all over the country gathered to hear the latest news and changes in legislation on painful and complex issues.
How to continue to work in the conditions of new courts and procedural innovations. Chat with each other, take beautiful pictures with friends inside the historical part of the Kremlin.
The event is just gaining momentum and claims to be one of the most significant events of the year in the legal environment.
It is extremely important for practicing lawyers to be guided by the direction of the development of theory and changes in laws, often there is simply no time to break away from cases in order to devote several hours to new knowledge and meeting with colleagues in the shop.
Today there was just such an opportunity to get useful content and not within the walls of the usual office! "