Evgeny Zharov is a winner of the Moscow Young Lawyers Competition
29 JULY/ 2019
The selection jury summed up the results of the competition for participation in the Annual Congress of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) in Rome, dedicated to the theme "Sustainability and the Law: Planet. People. Future ". The winner of the competition was unanimously recognized lawyer Evgeny Zharov, managing partner of ZHAROV GROUP, who presented an essay on the topic: "Maintaining the ecological balance of the biosphere in the economic systems of society as the basis for sustainable development of mankind."
This work is a study dedicated to finding a balance between ecology and economics. The winner's work can be found in the next issue of the Bulletin of the Moscow Bar Association.
According to the Regulations on the competition among young lawyers of the city of Moscow for participation in the 57th Annual Congress of Young Lawyers of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) "Sustainability and Law: Planet. People. Future "(September 3-7, 2019, Rome, Italy), the winner of the competition will take part in the Congress, and will also be invited to make a presentation or a report on the Congress at one of the scientific and practical conferences of the Moscow City Bar.
We congratulate Evgeny Zharov on a well-deserved victory!